About Us

Because of the vibrant rural surroundings and rich diversity in plants, animals, and bio-culture, there has been a genuine demand for the establishment of a Biological Science department at Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College, which was formally established in 2011 with the Departments of Botany and Zoology. Ever since, only general stream courses have been offered in the Botany Department. Since its inception, the Department of Botany has done its best to provide high-quality instruction within its restricted resources. The Department is attempting to chart a path of greatness for students in this region, with the goal of reaching greater heights in the near future.

The Department always has highly competent and efficient faculty members with expertise in teaching and research in a variety of thrust areas. Recurrent participation of the present faculty members in seminars, workshops and conferences give necessary acutance to them to disseminate new ‘thoughts’ and ‘knowledge’. In addition to academic activities, the Department also arranges seminars, workshop and invited lectures. Extra-curricular like quiz competitions, poster presentation, wall magazine, debates, educational visits etc. are also organized to develop scientific temperament and side by side disposition of the same among themselves.