About us:


The Department of Physics in Dukhulal Nibaran Chandra College was started in 1986. From this year, Department of Physics try to impart quality education to our students with its best to impart quality education in its limited capacity. The Department has highly competent and efficient faculty members with expertise knowledge in teaching and research covering various thrust areas. The Department of Physics having well equipped sophisticated labs. From July 2018, the Department has been in step with the CBCS curriculum in Physics at the undergraduate level. The current faculty members are dedicated towards bringing quality physics education to the students often supplemented with innovative methods of teaching and guided laboratory classes. The department is enriched with two full time teachers and one state aided college teachers (SACT). At present, we have General Physics courses (Programme & Generic).  It is our greatest objective to obtain consistent and excellent results that would serve as our resume. In 2021, Department of Physics is a nodal centre (Network Institute) of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), where the concerned students will have an exciting learning experience with ISRO / IIRS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing) in the field of Remote Sensing, GIS and GNSS technologies etc.