Some Key books available in Department of Physics


 1. Concepts of modern physics / Arthur Beiser, Shobhit Mahajan and S. Rai Chaudhuri

 2. Elementary solid state physics principles and applications / M. A. Omar

 3. Atomic and nuclear physics / A. B. Gupta and Dipak Ghosh

 4. Atomic and nuclear physics basic level / Chittaranjan Basu

5. A Handbook of practical physics / Chittaranjan Dasgupta and S. N. Maiti

6. Solid state physics / Adrianus J. Dekker

7. Elementary of plasma physics / S.N. Goswami

8. Current electricity and modern physics / K. D. Roy

9. Advanced practical physics / T.S. Bhattacharya and A.B. Bhattacharya

10. Electrostatics and magnetism / K. D. Roy


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