General Notice

Notice for Registration Certificate Issue of Semester-I (2022-23) Uploaded On: 2023-03-22

U.G 1st Semester Examination Schedule- 2022 Uploaded On: 2023-03-21

Notice for Class on 20.03.2023 Uploaded On: 2023-03-18

Notice for Form Fill up of Semester-I Exam-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-03-10

Form fill up Fees of Semester-I, Exam-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-03-10

Rate of Structure for the U.G. Semester (CBCS) Examination w.e.f. from the session 2022-23 -1st Semester-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-03-09

Notice: Re open Admission of Semester-VI (2022-23) Uploaded On: 2023-03-09

Notice for B.A-B.Com Programme Exam-2022 Dated 17.03.2023 LCC-2 (English) -MCQ Uploaded On: 2023-03-09

Notice : College remain closed on 7th & 8th March,2023 Uploaded On: 2023-03-06

U.G 3rd Semester Honours and Programme Practical Schedule -2022 Uploaded On: 2023-02-25

Revised Notice for Admission of Semester-VI (2022-23) Uploaded On: 2023-02-17

Revised Centre of Semester-III, Exam-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-02-15

Revised Programme of B.A/B.Com/ B.Sc Hons and Programme of Semester-III, Exam-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-02-14

Certificate Course in "Environment and Disaster Management" Uploaded On: 2023-02-14

Notice for Admission Fees of Semester-VI (2022-23) Uploaded On: 2023-02-10

Admission Application Form For Environment & Disaster Management Uploaded On: 2023-02-08

Notice for Centre List of Semester-III Exam-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-02-08

Examination Schedule Post Graduate (Theory) Term-End Examination, June-2022/December-2022 Uploaded On: 2023-02-08

Registration No of Semester-I for the year 2022-23 Uploaded On: 2023-02-07

Notice for New Admission Enviroment and Disaster Management Course Uploaded On: 2023-02-07

U.G 3rd Semester Programme -2022 Uploaded On: 2023-01-30

Computer Class and Admission 2023 Uploaded On: 2022-12-27


Admission Notification for 1st Semester B.A, B.Sc.& B.Com (Honours and General/ Programme Courses for the Session 2022-23 Uploaded On: 2022-07-13

Class Routine: RGCSM Outsider Student Uploaded On: 2022-04-18


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